What You Need to Know About Different Majors


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Many students freak out about coming into the university being undecided. However, Division of General Studies students have a four year graduation rate like the rest of the university, according to the DGS website. If you aren’t sure what you want to pursue in life, DGS is a way to explore new classes and careers. 


Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences

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Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences, commonly referred to as ACES, is becoming a popular college among students. According to the ACES Strategic Plan for 2014-2016, it states that the college “is finding solutions to the worlds most critical challenges in order to ensure abundant food and energy, a healthy environment and successful families and communities.” Some of the most popular majors being Agricultural and Consumer Economics and Animal Sciences. “I wanted to go into business but then after researching it, I saw that agricultural business had many job opportunities coming out of college,” Caitlin Ostojic, freshman in ACES, said. One of the colleges pride and joy, are the Morrow Plots, the longest continuous corn plot in the world.



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Many stereotype the engineers to be nerds that don’t have much of a social life, however this isn’t true.  “Joining a sorority has really helped me branch out and relax from the stress of school,” Elizabeth McKenna, freshman in electrical engineering, said. The College of Engineering at Illinois has engineering programs in aerospace, mechanical, chemical and many more.


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The newly named Gies Business School is made up of majors such as accounting, finance and business administration. These soon to be “Wolves of Wall Street” are ambitious, constantly joining registered organizations, and meeting with surrounding businesses.

“I know that University of Illinois has a great business school which will help lead me to my overall dream of being a MLB general manager,” Joe Alvarez, freshman business honors student, said.  There are also business fraternities that help with networking and shaping future business leaders. 



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