The ‘Best’ and ‘Easiest’ Classes at Illinois

Freshman year of college can be a huge adjustment coming from high school. Students are often unsure of what classes to take, and must adapt to having lectures and discussions.

Through a little investigating, many students have found the secret of “easy classes.” Most “easy” courses are at the 100 level. The classes are known to be more enjoyable, and the course load is easier for many freshman across campus. 

General Education (also known as Gen Ed’s) requirements are the courses assigned by specific colleges to their majors. In order to graduate, it is mandatory for students to complete all of their Gen Ed’s. Often times, students try to get these requirements out of the way their freshman and sophomore years.

An online class presents a different opportunity to students. Not having to attend class sounds like a great idea to some. Freshman Megan Gomberg from Long Grove, IL is a business major. Gomberg is currently enrolled in the online class Theatre 101. 

“I heard about this class from my cousin because I was asking for GenEd’s he would recommend to take during my freshman year, and I was scared to take an online class for first semester, but it was really easy,” Gomberg said.

Many freshman are skeptical about taking a course online their first semester, because they do not know how the course load will be, in comparison to physically attending the class.

“The workload is really light. There is usually only a (single) discussion during the week, and we have had two major plays we had to see and write paper treatments on them, but it’s very light,” Gomberg said.

This class is recommended to freshmen because “there’s a calendar online so it’s really straight forward and an easy workload, and the quizzes are all simple and right in the book and the discussions are all opinion based and the paper treatments, which is analyzing the elements of the play we saw, are fun to write after,” Gomberg said in a text message.

Econ 102 is another popular course among students. Freshman Abby Lerman from Buffalo Grove, IL is a student enrolled in the “easy” econ class.

“There were 5 tests, and then there was just class works that you had to do every lecture and then the final’s optional if you like your grade in the class,” Lerman said.

Some classes require a minimal amount effort in order to get a solid grade.

“The work we do is online, and the lectures are optional. I hardly try, and I am getting an A in the class,” Lerman said. 

These easy classes are just a few suggestions from freshman. Some more from students are ATMS120, KIN100, and GEOF118. Many freshman take these courses in order to relieve some stress from their freshman year, while getting in Gen Ed requirements at the same time.


Olivia Breaux

Olivia Breaux is a freshman journalism major from Park Ridge, IL. Olivia found her love for media after being involved in yearbook for 3 years in high school, and being the editor-in-chief for two. Olivia loves to travel, take pictures, follow Chicago sports, and watch plenty of Netflix. Her career goal is to write and edit for a social media company.