Where’s Winter?

Winter weather is usually in full effect in December at the University. This year it has been different.

For California resident Julia Wilcox, this has come as a relief.

“I didn’t bring any winter clothes with me before Thanksgiving, but there really hasn’t been a time I needed a full-on huge jacket or winter boots,” Wilcox said.

While at her hometown of Pleasanton, CA for the holiday, Wilcox shopped for new winter items in preparation of the cold months ahead. Pleasanton is located in Northern California south of Sacramento.

Some of the items she bought included a long parka, Sorel snow boots, a fuzzy winter hat and gloves.

The weather in Urbana-Champaign has been inconsistent over the past few months. 80 degree temperatures in September and 60 degree temperatures in early December have left students wearing shorts and t-shirts 11 days before the official start of the winter season.

“People always exaggerate how bad the winters are here and, honestly, I’m excited to see how bad it really gets. Even though it hasn’t felt like winter at all yet,” Wilcox said.

She also spoke about how pretty snow would be on the campus.

Although most Illinois residents are embracing the warm weather, many out of state residents are waiting in anticipation for the cold.




Kati Potaczek

Kati Potaczek. Born and raised in Elmhurst, IL. Currently a journalism major, minoring in political science and hoping to pursue law. She loves cooking, traveling and working out. Cha Cha Slide enthusiast. Always Sunny and Stranger Things are the best to binge watch on Netflix.